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Is getting a mortgage worth it?

Some would say the high fees, and long term commitment of a Mortgage aren’t worth it. For many, they are correct in thinking this. But for some people, the idea of owning a home rather than renting is a pleasant idea. For these people, owning a home can be worth it!

How do I know if I should refinance?

In a market of rising interest rates, it is a challenging choice as to whether or not to refinance. For those who have paid off a big portion of their home, and would like to refinance into a longer term, they can greatly reduce their payments. Or for those who want to take some equity out of their home to do renovations, they can also benefit. When deciding to refinance, you really just need to make sure you have a true reason to do so, and that it’s a good choice for you.

Is this a pre-approval?

These results are all generated using an algorithm we created and are not actually doing a credit approval with a bank, so they are not an official commitment of any kind.

How do you calculate your interest rates?

We are pulling real time interest data from the official index, so the time of your report the rate should be almost 100% accurate to the current market rate.

Do you check my credit?

Loan Analyzer does not collect any sensitive information from you. So not only do we not check your credit, but we also don’t collect any information that we could use to check your credit. You’re safe in knowing that your credit is safe when using Loan Analyzer.

Is there a fee to use your service?

No. We do not charge any fees to the consumer.

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